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We help industrial companies
to completely digitize their assembly planning, maintain product updates within seconds and boost their productivity significantly

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Create and mantain your assembly plans easier than ever. Load the 3D-data of your products into our software solution TIO and structure your bill of material aswell as your assembly plan simply by drag & drop.

Design changes or variations are processed automatically, you just need to check the outcome which saves time and prevents you from re-planning. TIO provides any needed information for the technician in a very flexible way, directly on the product itself.

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Our Customer

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG branding
  • lower expense and a greater understanding for the work preparation
  • higher productivity in the assembly unit
  • less construction drawings

Our cooperation with attenio is excellent. Created tickets are processed instantly and the team burns for their work.

TIO is part of our digitization strategy and is completely integrated in our system. We use it to build our assembly plans and bills of material, synchronize it with the SAP and use it at every workstation in the assembly area. It is an allround platform between the technical design and the finished product.

- Dr. Stefan Heizmann, CIO
  • paperfree assembly
  • every information at one glance
  • great cooperation
open Success Story

No matter what kind of a problem we have or need to be fixed, attenio allways finds or searches for a solution till both parts are happy. You'll get a package, which is compatible for you and your work. The whole procedure is really charming for me. Attenio serves the perfect fitting solution for the assembly at Oerlikon Barmag.

The biggest plus is: the safety of every process while searching for needed product data, aswell as the no longer needed printing sessions and following reduce of working with paper - the technician can work on other problems. Every piece can be seperated from the model like in an MRI which makes it possible to see and explore it on its own. The technician now has a modern tool, which inspires.

- Heinz Duchéne, Head of assembly
TESAT branding
  • fast overview for the technician
  • less inquiries
  • an easy way to build 3D work plans

To increase our efficiency, we want to stop design construction drawings for our assembly team. So we searched for a tool to prepare the needed information in high quality and 3D. TIO helps us in the process of planning - we work directly on the 3D-data and are able to couple it onto SAP.

- Joachim Fritsch, Teamleader Industrial Engineering
HELL Gravuren branding
  • digital assembly planning
  • no re-build needed, only quick changes
  • simple component identification for the service staff

We can't even imagine working without TIO anymore. While transferring to the serial production we contemporaneously build comprehensive plans early and pass them on to the technician. The possibility to integrate model changes immediately into the existing plans, is extremly relevant for us. The system shows where changes appear and we just need to adjust them.

- Burghard Michaelis, Vice President Manufacturing & Application
Kroenert branding
  • less designs for the assembly needed
  • overview of large systems
  • automatic processes to create the documents

Our cooperation with attenio started 2016, which makes us customers frome the very beginning. We wanted less construction design for our assembly while still being able to transfer every needed information. Our technicians need to have an overview about every step at one glance, even while our collegues are at our customers.

- Jonathan Dreifürst, Head of design
STULZ branding
  • mistakes are being reduced
  • higher quality

Attenio helped us entering industry 4.0. They helped us to reduce errors in the assembly. Precise instructions, all order informations and an intelligent assembly order are the most important factors, to reach our goals in a higher quality.

- Amir Haddad, Industrial Engineer