3D assembly instructions Create assembly instructions virtually, enter product changes in seconds & make them available directly on the store floor with TIO

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Use Cases

TIO digitizes your production processes. Provide 3D models suitable for workstations, create comprehensive 3D assembly instructions and send them to the store floor as a PDF (at the touch of a button) or directly in 3D.

Benefit from even more possibilities through IT integration into your enterprise systems.

With TIO:

  • You are faster
  • Hardly need any text
  • Use only one tool
  • Are always up to date
  • Work intuitively
  • Benefit from an established product on the market

Process Integration

Isolated solutions, however good they may be, are not state of the art. The greatest benefit is achieved by integrating IT tools into the processes. Our customers always ask us two questions:

1. do I have to do this manually or can I automate it??

Of course, you can operate Tio as a stand-alone solution and simply install it plug and play - and get started straight away.

To reduce your workload, individual steps along the process chain can be automated with sufficient data quality. This allows you to benefit from higher productivity and avoid manual errors.

Find out more about the possibilities for automation:


2. How can I create interfaces to efficiently integrate TIO into my processes?

Naturally, you will want a seamless integration into your processes and IT landscape. Tio uses powerful connectors to create a custom-fit integration into your existing processes. Dabei wird doppelte Datenhaltung vermieden und Informationen auch in anderen System nutzbar gemacht. Read how perfectly Tio works with SAP™, for example.



Enough of the first impression. You want more? We offer every customer a free, no-obligation trial of our full solution. Don't hesitate, contact us now and get started today.

test Tio now

If you don't want to wait long and want to get a feel for our solutions, we have prepared two not entirely serious simulators for you to try out. Here you can get an impression of Tio Assembly and TIO Player.

Take a look at the surface and edit a somewhat unusual product - a donut. Move the mouse over the surface and see what is possible with TIO.

try Tio assembly

In our second simulator, you become a worker yourself and explore what Tio can look like on the store floor.

try Tio Player

Have fun!

Animierte Darstellung des TIO Änderungsassistenten
Even if the simulator can be operated on a smartphone (landscape), we recommend a device with a width of at least 1025 pixels for the best experience.
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  • fast overview for the technician
  • less inquiries
  • an easy way to build 3D work plans

To increase our efficiency, we want to stop design construction drawings for our assembly team. So we searched for a tool to prepare the needed information in high quality and 3D. TIO helps us in the process of planning - we work directly on the 3D-data and are able to couple it onto SAP.

- Joachim Fritsch, Teamleader Industrial Engineering (2022) change to website